Browser – dns-prefetch , prefetch, prerender

The latest browsers support the following new attributes in <link> tag.

  1. dns-prefetch
  2. prefetch
  3. prerender

If we can predict (know to which next page the user is moving to) destination URL, we can prefetch/prerender the page in browser memory. This gives an improvement to perceived webppage  performance

A nice article from Stevesourders on the same :


Pagespeed – critical path analyzer

Critical path analyzer is a new addition to pagespeed tool.

Critical path analyzer provides the rendering events(time) in the form of waterfall. This helps in you identifying what is the rendering order, why an resource is rendered late(slow/delayed).

Also provides the dependency of these rendering events to identify if the rendering has been blocked by any Javascript execution.

Check of this video on how to use the critical path analyzer  :

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